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all joomla themes are compatible with joomla 3 and joomla 4.

antesate pro joomla theme

antesate pro joomla template

antesate is a joomla theme with minimalist styles with its harmonious colors, its simplicity of use, its power with its own globbersthemes framework, it highlights your most beautiful images with its many galleries, available with the latest version of joomla.

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titanium joomla template

titanium joomla template responsive

If you like design, you will like titanium, it's a flexible template in 3 columns and more than 40 positions available to insert your joomla extensions and joomla components. Titanium is responsive and adapts to several devices and screen sizes like smartphones, laptops, tablets & deskops.

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boker pro template joomla

Boker Pro, Joomla Template Responsive

boker is an excellent joomla theme for your website, it is efficient and professional, it is suitable for any type of blog, photography, commercial, industries, weddings, many extensions are available to beautify all your creations, the style of the template is modern, its colors and its design are unique and different.

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quoventum joomla template

Quoventum joomla template responsive

quoventum is the most downloaded theme, it is very popular because it is flexible, it adapts to all forms of website, it is used with ease, its joomla extensions are fantastic to see, it is ultra modern and anyone can customize it as he wants.

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hinford joomla template

Hinford Joomla Template Responsive

with a modern style, hinford is very appreciated by its users, it is easily modifiable and corresponds to many themes, our team of developers have a crush on this joomla template, it is very complete and may be suitable for many projects.

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toods horizontal joomla template

toods horizontal, joomla template responsive

tood's is the most modern template, it has a rock style, young, its black background has a very impressive design effect, if you use it for a photography blog, you will be surprised at the power of its joomla extensions , they will put in value all your images in professional quality.

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giles joomla template

giles, joomla template responsive

if you need the sober, elegant and refined theme, giles is built especially for your project. its softness of design, the current style of its extensions will allow you easily to put in light all your creations.

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monte-rosso joomla template

monte rosso, joomla template responsive

Monterosso is a very nice theme, the structure of the template is based on the framework globbersthemes, it is responsive on all screens, the model is designed for all artistic professions, you do not need to know the code, new parameters are indroduces in the framework for you easiness work

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artmesia pro joomla template

artmesia pro version, joomla template

artemisia builds on our powerful and multifunctional framework globbersthemes, the joomla theme is ideally created for all forms of business, we have developed this template with elegance and professionalism, its design is minimalist and modern.

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alperton joomla template

Alperton, joomla template responsive

with its static left column, alperton is really different from the other templates you can see on the internet, especially built model for photographic creators or artists, its many galleries images will highlight all your creations. Alperton is responsible, adaptable to all current screens and browsers.

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clans joomla template

clans, joomla template responsive

clans theme integrates many image galleries, responsive, attractive and modern template, suitable template for all artists and art creators, based on 4x and 3x joomla design and optimized by HTML5 and CSS3 features, inside many adjustments are available to help you easily change the look of your website.

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hemlet joomla template

hemlet joomla template responsive

hemlet is one of the first joomla templates we have developed, the parallax style, the modern and soft colors, the very technological images gallery with its impressive visual effect, the joomla theme is made for types of activities, anyone can use without any knowledge because many parameters are available in the backend of the template.

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quenza joomla template

quenza joomla template responsive

the original demonstration of the model joomla is adapted to all types of activities, commercial, artistic, industrial, sports, financial or public, model ready to use with its many parameters to configure your project more easily. Quenza is visually a beautiful theme very design and very attractive.

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lowery pro version, joomla template

If you are looking for a well-designed template with an impressive gallery on the homepage that displays your photos in full screen, a menu with a simple button, lowery is created for your website, The content area (the blog) is arranged in 2 or 3 columns, the theme includes 3 different image galleries, mediafolio, mixitup portfolio and gallery grid.

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hurlington joomla template

hurlington joomla template responsive

it is a theme for travelers or for those who love photography, its powerful image gallery blog spot show your images in full responsive screen, the style of the theme is very attractive, clean and very modern, you can develop without difficulty because the template uses the professional globbersthemes framework.

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baron joomla template

Baron joomla template responsive

baron template has a unique style in the collection of globbersthemes.com, it is minimalist, it uses two colors black and blue, aesthetic design, menu in full screen, ergonomic theme, parallax style it is multi-function, it includes all activities professionals and hobbies, very versatile, it adapts to everyone.

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gamma joomla template

Gamma , joomla template responsive

the most modern of our templates, in full page a large impressive slideshow to show your most beautiful photographs, the design is clear, clean and light, the theme is responsible and compatible with joomla 4 and joomla 3. more are available in the package , one page parallax image and another with a beautiful joomla portfolio.

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kune joomla template

kune, template joomla responsive

Template created with a black background, ultra modern effect, specially made to highlight your photographs with a powerful image gallery and a large carousel, if you like the design you will like kune joomla theme, ergonomic, easy to use, it has everything to satisfy you.

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riversen joomla template

riversen joomla template responsive

It is the first theme of the generation joomla 3 made by globbersthemes.com, template parallax image with magic portfolio extension, the design is unique, modern and professional quality and adaptable for all.

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toods vertical joomla template

toods, joomla template responsive

This is the second version of tood's, with a column on the left, black and white design, rock 'n roll style, magnificent image gallery, several parallax extensions, including 40 module positions, responsible and adaptable theme, for joomla 4 and joomla 3.

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converset joomla template

converset, joomla templates responsive

one of the best joomla templates that has been made, converset is available with joomla 4 and joomla 3, it is responsive, modern and professional, the theme is developed for all athletes, slideshow, parallax image, carousel and fantatic galleries images are available in the package.

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oberkam joomla template

oberkam joomla template responsive

a rock'n roll joomla template, black, white and blue design, ultra modern, several image galleries are preinstalled in the quickstart, professional look, all artists will be amazed to see their creations in this theme specially developed for them.

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Why choose joomla themes from globbersthemes ?

Fully responsive
modern design
Globbersthemes framework
compatible joomla 4 / 3
Google fonts
130+ icons in set
easy to customize
CSS3 animation
social links ready

free joomla template streety

streety free joomla theme, , inside streety joomla template and quickstart

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all joomla extensions are compatible with joomla 3 and joomla 4

gallery folio extension

Gallery Folio Joomla Module

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media folio joomla extension

MediaFolio Joomla Module

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gallery pro image joomla component

Gallery Pro Joomla Component

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gb slider joomla extension

Gb slider joomla module

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isotope folio joomla extension

Isotope Folio Joomla Extension

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parallax contact joomla module

Polaroid Gallery Joomla Module

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magic folio joomla extension

loading gallery joomla module

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masonry folio joomla extension

articles news slider extension

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scrollfolio joomla extension

carrousel wall joomla extension

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More than 100 free joomla templates are on globbersthemes.com, i tried to simplify as much as possible, all joomla themes are easy to update and customize. Anyone can use without having programming knowledge, however, if you have problems or questions concerning the joomla templates or the use of licenses, please contact me, i happy to help. contact us

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Information about joomla templates 3 / 2.5

As you know, we are upgrading from version 2.5 to version 3.0 (I advise you), all joomla templates currently available on globbersthemes.com are 100% compatible with Joomla 3 and joomla 2.5.

Codes css, xhtml, php and javascript do not change. If you want to create a website easily and in 15 minutes, now download the new version of joomla 3, and install one of our many joomla templates.

personnal note

Hello, i'm Globbers and I graduated in web programming and now I live in paris. Few years ago I created the website globbersthemes.com to share my passion for web and graphic design. Several times a month for new themes are posted, I try to make different templates and clean graphics.

Visit globbersthemes.com and take a look at some of the latest themes, there is a very wide range of templates.

  • titanium joomla template

    if there is a joomla template that you have to buy is TITANIUM, this joomla theme presents many joomla extensions like slides, parallax, galleries images, template flexible and easy to use

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  • module grid articles news

    joomla extension which allows to place your unlimited joomla articles in a responsive and flexible grid, the customization of the module is very easy to modify by the CSS styles, a category filter allows you to create several grids

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  • alperton joomla theme responsive

    alperton is a joomla theme responsive, the template comes with multiple extensions like a slideshow, an image gallery, a parallax gallery and popup grid image. the theme is flexible and practical and divided into 2 columns.

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  • blog spot accordeon extension

    accordeon blog spot is a joomla extension available for joomla 4 and joomla 3. Ten horizontal images creates an image gallery that opens with the effect of an accordion, you can insert text, a title, a date to better understand your creations.

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  • joomla template giles

    among the most downloaded joomla templates there is "giles", minimalist theme for creation, it comes with several joomla extensions especially to show your images as galleries images, slideshow, easy to use you can customize everything !!!

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  • the wall free joomla template

    composed of more than 35 images, the module creates a full page wall, responsive for all joomla websites, modern design, black and white style, carrousel effect, professional quality, perfect for showing your best pictures.

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  • boker joomla template

    boker is a joomla template also available with a free version, ready to be used for any projects, joomla theme very powerful with multiple options, you can change the appearance easily and quickly.

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  • polaroid joomla extension

    presentation of our latest joomla extension 'Polaroid gallery', all your images are scattered randomly in a slideshow, you change the layout of the photos by clicking on the navigation bar. Vintage design, your pictures have a frame polaroid style.

    read more
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