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More than 100 free joomla templates are on, i tried to simplify as much as possible, all joomla themes are easy to update and customize. Anyone can use without having programming knowledge, however, if you have problems or questions concerning the joomla templates or the use of licenses, please contact us

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Information about joomla templates 3 / 2.5

As you know, we are upgrading from version 2.5 to version 3.0 (I advise you), all joomla templates currently available on are 100% compatible with Joomla 3 and joomla 2.5.

Codes css, xhtml, php and javascript do not change. If you want to create a website easily and in 15 minutes, now download the new version of joomla 3, and install one of our many joomla templates.

  • purmela template

    Purmela is a versatile theme, for the creative or commercial this template easily adapts to your needs, image galleries, slideshows are available to showcase your beautiful images

  • titanium joomla template

    if there is a joomla template that you have to buy is TITANIUM, this joomla theme presents many joomla extensions like slides, parallax, galleries images, template flexible and easy to use

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  • module grid articles news

    joomla extension which allows to place your unlimited joomla articles in a responsive and flexible grid, the customization of the module is very easy to modify by the CSS styles, a category filter allows you to create several grids

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